unrest | morgana wakes drabble

Cryogenic sleep. If anything could rest a mind weary with tormented dreams, you think it would be this. After all, one is not suppose to dream while they are in cryostasis. But even in this deep state of sleeping, something a shade shy of death, the nightmares broke through to her. In the beginning, it was just flashes. Barely lasting and being forgotten as soon as they faded, but then…something happened. Something happened that would cause a chain of events, inspire loss and pain, and her dreams returned to her in full force. 

In this state it was hard to make sense of it all, but she saw images…flashes of what was to come. Their Captain would awake, and reign havoc down on a world that had created them only to scorn and then use them. A dormant power stirred dangerously deep within as if poking an aggravated animal in a cage. 

Dreaming means brain activity, and the power of them broke her induced sleep. Brought her to life again. With a gasp her eyes opened to find herself still incased in the pod that she had put herself to sleep so many years ago. Fear seized her, which cause her eyes to change shade and the pod cracked open, freeing her.

Weak legs swung to the side, and she tried to stand but crumbled to her knees as she tried to adjust again to being awake. Trying to use muscles that she hadn’t in years. Lifting herself up, she frantically began to search for him, for Khan.That incessant bleating sound, she must of caused it. It rammed in her head repeatedly, overwhelming her fragile senses. He wasn’t here, had all that she had seen already come to pass? If it had, had Khan perished or gotten away…either way she had to find him, and she certainly couldn’t stay here.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, before lifting her gaze around the room. There was nothing she could do right now. That alarm was bound to bring someone down on her…she had to get out of here. Sluggishly she dragged her tired aching body to the end of the long room until she found a door. Grabbing the handle she pushed it open and made her way down a hallway cautiously. 

Morgana would find Khan…and together they would liberate their people.